Library Orientation

The library orientation is designed to acquaint new library users mostly first year students with library resources and services which will be helpful during their academic years. Library Orientation RCU library orientation is concerned with familiarising students with the library facilities, resources and services. Students will be oriented on the physical library, the library website, the digital library (eDURA) and online learning platform (eCHERA). The library orientation equips learners with the skills and knowledge on how to use different parts of the library. Library orientation helps new library users know, have access and use some of the services provided by RCU library. The library Orientation is conducted on the first week of the first semester for the new students. The RCU library hosts this orientation within the library premise.

Objectives of the library orientation

Library Orientation Expected Outcomes

Students will locate required information resources for their specific courses through the library website

Students will be able to identify librarians as resources/experts and contact them for their reference and navigational questions,

Students will know the library facilities such as the different study spaces within the library,

Students will be able to recognise and adhere accordingly to issues of academic integrity.

Students will locate and understand the library resources

Use the OPAC for locating library resources

Contact Information

For more information, please visit our Reformed Church University library reference desk and the library website. Please also utilise the library email, live chat, Facebook and our suggestion box for any queries. Or get in touch with us on the following:

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 08:00- 20:00
Saturday 09:00 – 16:00