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About Inclusive Services

In line with the university’s overall niche for inclusivity, the RCU Library’s Inclusive Department vision is to have: “A Culture in which ALL persons regardless of their disabilities and special needs accomplish schooling to realize their full potential”


To create a favorable milieu for library patrons with special needs and disabilities in order for them to have equal access to quality and relevant library information, resources and services.
The RCU Inclusive Library department uses the principles of universal design to ensure that library policies, resources and services meet the needs of all people. Physically challenged and visually impaired students are a group of users who need to have access to information and knowledge from libraries like any other students without disability. Just like all other students without any form of disability, the visually impaired students should have access to all the information resources in academic libraries in different formats of print and non-print. Therefore RCUI Department serves to ensure that students with disabilities also have access to information in accessible formats as much as they can to complete their studies.

The university operates on the premise that students with disabilities are as fundamentally competent as students without disabilities. This means all students can be full participants in their classrooms and in the university community with their peers without disabilities to the maximum degree possible, with general education being the placement of first choice for all students. RCUIL pays special attention to visually impaired students as they are overrepresented in the population of those who are not in education.

Training of VI students is a critical area that must be taken with all seriousness and caution to ensure that they are equipped with necessary skills relevant for their learning and research whist they are at RCU and after graduation. The VI training by the RCUIL will be on going sessions throughout the semester in different forms to ensure effectiveness in equipping students with necessary skills

Training for the Visual Impaired include

Training on how to use e-CHERA for three weeks before the new semester starts (Depending on request from the students)
How to use internet (navigating on the web pages)

Basic and core keyboard keys

Typing on word, Using Excel, Emailing, attaching, saving, sending and opening received documents, etc.

The Digital library: e-past exam papers, e-journals, e-books

How to structure an assignment with in-text citation

Referencing training
Do a consistent needs assessment exercise using a needs assessment framework

Do surveys on a regular basis, for each critical category

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For more information, please visit our Reformed Church University library reference desk and the library website. Please also utilise the library email, live chat, Facebook and our suggestion box for any queries. Or get in touch with us on the following:

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