Acquisitions, Bibliographic & Technical Services

Bibliographic & Technical Division

The division is responsible for the selection of all materials in all formats, coordinate all aspects of collection management, develop collection development policies and provide cataloguing standards and best practices in organising information, record structure and information searching and retrieval i.e. cataloguing up to date materials to make them easily retrievable for the library users. 


Responsible for the administration of all aspects of ordering library material encompassing firm orders, approvals and purchase plans in all formats, print and non-print. The division contributes to the planning, development, coordination and implementation of acquisition policies, standards, goals and procedures to improve the workflow. The division is also responsible for all purchases of Reformed Church University Libraries.

Institutional Repository

An institutional repository (IR) is a database with a set of services to capture, store, index, preserve and redistributes a University’s scholarly research output in digital formats. The repository increases our scholarly communication, knowledge resource base, encourage open access to scholarly research and add to the University’s prestige by showing our academic research output.

The aim of RCU institutional repository is to contribute as a logical extension of a university’s core mission and as a channel through which to increase institutional visibility. By capturing, preserving, and disseminating an RCU’s collective intellectual capital our I.R ought to serve as a meaningful indicator of academic quality. It is built on a growing grassroots of faculty practice of self-posting research online.

While institutional repositories necessitate that libraries as their logical administrative proponents broaden both faculty and administration perspectives on a wide range of issues, they can be implemented without radically altering the status quo. Institutional repositories also provide practical opportunities to increase faculty and administrator awareness of author rights and larger intellectual property issues, and provide faculty-authors and administrators with specific paths of action to contribute positively to and benefit from alternative scholarly publishing channels


e-DURA is a RCU home grown and web based data base of text books, reference materials and past exam papers. The database can be remotely accessed by students, teaching and non-teaching staff at any time and any place. It is customized to fit the desired academic information needs for the RCU students and lecturers. e-DURA can be accessed on a smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

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For more information, please visit our Reformed Church University library reference desk and the library website. Please also utilise the library email, live chat, Facebook and our suggestion box for any queries. Or get in touch with us on the following:

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