The Collection Development Division comprising the Bibliographic Checking Unit, the Ordering, Receiving and Invoice Processing Unit and the Gift and Exchange Unit. The Division handles all the activities relating to library acquisitions.

The Information Services Division which is comprised of the Reference Services Unit, the Circulation and Reserve Collection Unit, the Serials & Government Publication Unit and the Special Collections Unit. The Division takes charge of the public services of the Library

The Electronic Library Division is responsible for the development, organization and handling of the Library’s electronic & audio-visual resources services, digitization and library networks. It consists of the Electronic /Audio-Visual Resources unit, Institutional Repository unit ,Inclusive Resources Centre Unit and ICT unit.

The Inclusive Resource Centre Library of the RCU provides services to students with special needs. The library empowers users with special needs to access information and knowledge. The IRC offers services to any student with special needs with documentation from appropriate professionals, institutions or school records. It works collaboratively and innovatively with University departments such as student affairs, ICT and the Library to create an accessible, equitable and supportive learning and living environment that enhances each student’s academic and personal development.

The Library has the following tools accessible from the Main and Inclusive Resource Centre (IRC) Libraries. Braille Embosser, Book Sense, Job Access With Speech, MAGIc Screen Magnification, Merlin desktop Magnifier, Pearl Reading Camera and Open Book.

The RCU Libraries use a fully automated web-based Integrated Library System – KOHA web-based system which combines library automation software, digital library software and a database search facilitator. It has five main modules, i.e. technical processing (cataloguing), circulation, acquisitions serial management, and OPAC besides administration, queries and reports