Librarian’s Welcome Note

A warm welcome to all at the RCU Library. Our staff   are keen to help, support  and provide you  with the best service possible.

RCU   Library   thrives  to  embrace inclusive technology in its pursuit to drive teaching, learning and research  for all students enrolled  at the university. The RCU library is adapting and re-thinking library spaces to fit with a world that is increasingly digital.  As students seek out immediate and constant access to materials, so RCU Library is creating virtual library spaces and other areas conducive to collaborative and hands-on work by exploring less costly solutions that work with the existing space.


The library is also keenly intent to providing embedded faculty information literacy instruction   to students to help them acquire a common set of competencies for their undergraduate studies. These collaborative academic programs and services involving the library enhance student learning and student success. Consequently the role of information literacy instruction strengthens  general education outcomes and adds value to a student’s long-term academic experience.

We look forward to your working visit to the library

Kind Regards

Mr. M. Sibanda


The RCU library seeks to be an essential partner of teaching, learning and research at the Reformed Church University by offering a world class  quality information service in inclusive education and research through innovative and creative  strategies to accessing  information and  learning opportunities for  all

The mission of the Reformed Church  University Library is to efficiently support the   teaching, learning and research function of the University by  implementing strategies that foster optimal use of its information resources and inclusive provision of  personalised, non-discriminatory, user-friendly  and high quality information service, being sensitive to its users’ different information needs and varying levels of information literacy skills, and thereafter supporting the needs of the wider community

Conduct in the Library

  • It is an offence to remove library material that has not been issued officially.
  • Do not exchange Student ID to gain access into the library or for borrowing purpose. A borrower will be held responsible for all material taken out in his or her name, and may not lend such material to other people. Borrower privileges are not transferable.
  • The library does not issue out torn or defaced books. Should readers lose   damage or deface resources they will be requested to replace.   Whenever vandalism, improper use of the facilities, or theft is observed, access to, and use of, the facilities and/or the library can be denied. In the case of vandalism and/or damage, the costs will at all times be charged to the perpetrator
  • Fines will be charged if items are not returned by the given due date.
  • Always log out when you leave a PC. Never share your network ID and password with anyone else.
  • Don’t view, send or download anything offensive.
  • For security reasons bags and cases may not be taken into the library. They should be left in the baggage area just by the entrance at owner’s risk.
  • Loss of baggage disc attract fine.
  • All items taken in and out of the library are subject to security check at the library exit point.

RCU library’s service standards affirm that staff treats all people  with the consideration, dignity and respect to which all patrons are entitled. To this end

  • RCU Library  is committed to providing accessibility to library materials, programs, and services to all of its users.
  • All staff members working in the Library will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests from all users.
  • If your disability is invisible, please identify yourself as having a disability when seeking assistance.

Library staff will make every effort to assist students with a disability in obtaining information from library databases or library resources that are inaccessible due to a disability.

For your own good please obey these few Rules and Regulations issued by RCU Library and ICT Learning Resources. Breaking these Rules and Regulations will lead to action being taken against you.

The regulations aim to ensure that users can make the best use of Reformed Church University’s Library and ICT Learning Resources and to ensure fairness. Below is a brief outline of some of the RCU Library and ICT Learning Resources Rules and Regulations:

  • You are expected to behave professionally and to treat the library environment, the library staff and other users with respect and courtesy.  Library and Security staff have authority to maintain good order in the library. If you behave in an unacceptable manner, or infringe the regulations, Security staff and Library management will institute a relevant fine or may suspend you from its use. Should any incident be reported, Library and ICT Learning Resources may pursue the matter under the University Student Disciplinary procedures.
  • Users are expected to observe absolute silence in the library. This enables quite study environment for all users. A fine will be charged to all students who answer cellphones in the library. Cellphones to remain on silent mode. Holding a phone conversation in a designated silent study area is not permitted in the Libraries.  Quiet group working is allowed in the ICT Learning Resources study areas and free benches outside the library. Group consultations are only permitted in the seminar/class rooms.
  • It is NOT permissible to take any bags, packets and parcels into the library. If there is reasonable ground for suspicion, library and security staff have the right to search persons entering or leaving the library.
  • You are not permitted to smoke in the Libraries. No user is allowed into the Library if he/she is in any state of intoxication from the use of alcohol or any other narcotic substance.
  • Only drinks in sealed containers may be consumed in the libraries. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.
  • Users are not permitted to use abusive and/or offensive language or gestures or any other type of harassing or offensive behaviour. This includes inappropriate dress or personal hygiene. Shoes must be worn at all times in the library.
  • Playing cards /chess or other games is strictly forbidden in the library.