24 Feb

Quick guide to accessing the RCU information resources

  • Go to the main website by typing : rcu.ac.zw in the address bar
  • On the RCU main website select Library, you will be taken to the Library website
  • On the RCU Library website, go to resources. A drop down menu with e-Journals, OPAC, Past Exam Papers, and Digital Library will show.
  • Select your preferred resources.
  • Select e-journals from the drop down menu
  • Select either off Campus or On campus or go on the far right side of the page and select journals specific to your faculty. For easy access, we have arranged Off campus journals according to subject areas they focus on.
  • Read the description on each journal to see if your selected journal contains information you are looking for.
  • Click on the journal name then read through to select the articles you want to read.
  • You can access full articles and abstracts,

NB: You can download the articles for later reference
  • From the resources drop down menu, select e-DURA
  • A box will appear prompting you to log in your details.
  • Enter your user name (registration number for students) and password.
  • You are then taken to e-DURA homepage.
The OPAC allows you to view the collection which RCU has in the physical library. Use this facility to know the books you can get before visiting the library.

  • On the resources drop down menu, select OPAC
  • Click on log in to my account. Enter your username and your password.
  • You can view your borrowing history, search books in the library, place books on hold to reserve a books , etc.

NB: Here you can search the OPAC resources without logging in to your account
  • On the search catalog box, you can search a book by subject, title or author
  • Type your interest using any of the above and a list of books will show
  • Click on your choice and record the Library of Congress (LOC) number given under the description of the book on a piece of paper.
  • Do this for as many of your selected books you would want to read.
  • When you visit the Library, go to the shelves and select books with the numbers you recorded.

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